Join Michael's journey Sun, May 21, 2017 @ Coney Island for Autism Speaks Walk event, and Michael's journey upcoming events. For more information please email mission@newharvestmission153.com


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WELCOME TO Mission 153

New Harvest “Mission 153” is on a Mission to help the Homeless, Widows, Orphans, Abused Battered Women, Kids with Autism and Cognitive Disabilities. We also give  Students Educational Scholarship Fund opportunities. Please support this great cause by donating Today!
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Make a difference today with your donations!
Join New Harvest "Mission 153"
Become a sponsor today by donating $0.08 cents a day, or one time annual gift for $28.
All Donations will benefit New Harvest, "Mission 153" and Educational Scholarships.
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"Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible today, and create a better tomorrow
Mission 153"
New Harvest is excited to introduce Rahab Redemption, House of Ruth and Michael's journey!


Rahab Redemption 2016 logo

Rahab Redemption

For Broken, Battered and Abused Women
- Domestic violence support counseling 
- Parenting Skills
- Unplanned pregnancy help
- Focused on rebuilding women's daily decision making skills to make better life choices


house of ruth logo


House of Ruth
For Widows, Orphans and Homeless
- Providing emotional support
- Food and Clothing Assistances
-Job Assistances and Agencies
- Helping Orphans and support services for Foster parents 
- The Kings Table: Feeding, Comforting, Nurturing the Homeless
- Kings Harvest: Pantry


Michael Journey 2016 logo

Michael's journey

A Fun, Unique,  Educational and Family Support program for children with Autism
 and kids that has physical Disabilities
-Bring awareness daily
-Providing Family Support assistance for the family
-Providing Services for their daily needs and many more
-Fun Events and creative education activities, and more 

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