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New Harvest
"Mission 153"
Mission 153
New Harvest “Mission 153” is on a Mission to help the Homeless, Widows, Orphans, Abused Battered Women, Kids with Autism and Cognitive Disabilities. We also give  Students Educational Scholarship Fund opportunities. Please support this great cause by donating Today!
To get involved with Mission 153 events, please email us, and in the subject line please state "I want to be a volunteer for Mission 153 events".
Make a difference today with your donations!
Become a sponsor today by donating $0.08 cents a day, or one time annual gift for $28.
All Donations will benefit New Harvest, "Mission 153"

To Donate please click on the "Donate" button or click on the "PayPal" button below. Your donations will make a difference in many lives.
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Our Kings Table Ministry
serves those in need as Kings & Queens.  This Year the Kings Table was able to bring hope to many Homeless Shelters and help feed many in the community along with our
Kings Harvest Pantry program.
The Kings Harvest Pantry gives away some of the best food and toiletries (top brands).
House of Ruth
For Widows, Orphans, Homeless
The Kings Table
Feeding, Comforting, and Nurturing those in need
Kings Harvest Pantry
Food and Clothing Assistances
- Job Assistances and Agencies
- Helping Orphans and Foster Services 
- Emotional Support, Sick & Shut-In and Bereavement
Michael's Journey at Autism Speak
Walk Event 2017
Michael's journey brings hope to families with Autism and Cognitive disabilities.
Michael's journey host events to bring Awareness to Autism and Redefine Autism.
To learn more about this program or get involve, please email Michael journey's at
Michael's journey program visit a local school to bring Valentines gifts and treats to those with Autism and Cognitive disabilities. Made special cards for parents and Teachers who help those with disabilities.
Michael's journey
A Fun, Unique, Educational and Family Support program for children with Autism and Cognitive Disabilities
-Bring awareness & Redefine Autism
-Family Support for those with kids with Autism & Cognitive Disabilities
-Go into Schools and bring hope and love to kids with Autism & Cognitive Disabilities
-Fun events and creative education activities, and more 
Rahab Redemption
For Broken, Battered and Abused Women
- Domestic violence support counseling 
- Parenting Skills
- Unplanned pregnancy help
- Focused on rebuilding women's daily decision making skills to make better life choices